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Acta, Burriss Talk Charity in DC, DR

Acta, Burriss talk charity in DC, DR
06/09/2008 11:00 PM ET

By Zachary Osterman / MLB.com

WASHINGTON -- This weekend has been a homecoming of sorts for Giants infielder Emmanuel Burriss, the first Washington, D.C., public school graduate to make it to the Major Leagues in 27 years. But Burriss' link to manager Manny Acta led to a different sort of homecoming for the Nationals' skipper.
Burriss, whose grandmother is Dominican like Acta, has done relief work in Acta's hometown of Consuelo. Joe McCarthy, a mutual acquaintance who runs a non-profit organization that builds fields in the Dominican Republic, told Acta that he should talk to Burriss -- who had worked with McCarthy -- when the Giants came to Washington.

"When I talked to Joe, he said that Burriss had spent some time over there in my hometown," Acta said. "I think it was kind of nice because of the fact that I am from the hometown that he went to, it's like a big coincidence. It was nice that he took time to do that."

Burriss said he talked with Acta about getting more involved in charity work together in the future. Burriss said he enjoys giving back where he can, in Washington and elsewhere.

"We talked a bunch about me getting back down there and doing what I can to help out down there," Burriss said. "Helping out in my city is one thing, but this isn't the only city in the world. There are other places that need just as much help."

Burriss, who in 72 at-bats as a rookie is hitting .264 with a double, a triple and six RBIs, called Acta "a really good guy," praising his charity work.

"He's really adamant about helping out in this community in D.C. and back where he's from," Burriss said. "That means a lot, not only to the game of baseball, but it means a lot to other people that have the opportunity who play."

Burriss went a step further, saying he'd be happy to help Acta in charity work in the future. He said that he told the Nationals' skipper that he is "a phone call away."

"I just told him that anything he ever needed, if he ever wants me to come down there, because I know the area real well," Burriss said.

When asked, Acta responded favorably to the suggestion. He commended Burriss for his work around Consuelo and didn't rule out the possibility of collaborating with the Wilson High School product in the future, in Washington or in the Dominican Republic.

"I'm sure that, in the future, if I do anything here in the area, I'll try to get in touch with him and get him involved with it," Acta said. "He understands what the kids go through down there, because he lived it, he saw it. It's nice that he offered himself to help if we need any."

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