Be a Senators Volunteer

Volunteers are the backbone of the Vienna Senators. The Clark Griffith League franchise could not possibly put a team on the field each year without the aid of volunteers from the community. The Senators and its players appreciate the hard work and service of its volunteers and ask for your continued support. Through your support and service, we can all bring baseball to life in Vienna .

Of the volunteer positions that the Senators need filled every season, host families are at the top of the list. Host families are generous enough to provide housing for Senators players, most of whom are far from home. Most of the Senators players are from out-of-town, and it is crucial that they receive housing for the duration of the season. Without the kind support of host families in and around Vienna , talented players from the West Coast, Midwest , Southeast, etc. would not be able to participate in the Clark Griffith League or spend a summer in the nation's capital. Host families provide young college players the opportunity to play for one of the best leagues in the nation and spend time in one of the top cities in Northern Virginia .

Volunteers also help out the team in other ways, such as scorekeeping and PA announcing. Each home team in the Clark Griffith League must provide a PA announcer and scorekeeper. These are important positions in game day operations, and the Senators are grateful to have the help from volunteers to fill these positions.

You can always support the team through equipment and financial donations. Your support help the team and the team's ability to give back to the community through clubs, clinics, and donations.

Currently, the team is looking for people to help fill these positions: Team Historian, Snack Bar Staff, Radio Announcer, Host Families, Statistician, Intern, Photographers, and National Anthem performers.

Team Historian: Did you know Vienna has a rich history of baseball dating back to the Depression Era when small towns all across America sponsored teams to compete against other neighboring towns? Since there were no TV's and video games, people came together to the fields to watch these battles play out. We still have residents who have wonderful stories and memorabilia they would like to share. We are looking for that special someone or some ones who would like to take on the tasks off collecting, recording, and organizing all these wonderful memories before they are lost forever.

Radio Announcer: This season the Senators will be broadcasting games live over the Internet, and Vienna would love to have a color analyst to help with these broadcasts. Anyone with a baseball background who is interested in being broadcast live should look into this position.

Snack Bar staff: “Babe's Place” is a major hub at Waters Field, and the team would appreciate more assistance in staffing the concession stand at the field.

National Anthem performers: Help honor the nation and salute the National Pastime by singing the National Anthem before games.

For more information about getting involved, contact: Katie Murphy at